My name is Malte Engeler, I am a legal professional with many years of experience in the areas of data protection law, administrative law and legal procedures.

I am usually working as a judge at the administrative court of the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, but am currently seconded to the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection as a digital policy advisor. Before that I was working with the national and European data protection authorities for several years.

The focus of my interests is on public law and administrative law, with particular emphasis on German and European constitutional law as well as IT and data protection law. In the working groups of the European Article 29 Data Protection Working Party I was involved with issues of European coordination of supervisory procedures and was a member of the Technology Subgroup. Due to the many years of dealing with insolvency and corporate law issues in the context of my doctorate thesis, I am also no stranger to economic issues. I am currently combining my expertise in works and research about the political economy of data.

I regularly publish in legal publications as well as online media and speak at conferences and symposia. A current overview of my publications and lectures can be found here. Sometimes I also self-publish shorter articles in the blog section here. Additionally I am involved with teaching trainees in the civil service as well as guest lecturing in academia.

I am an active member of the Neue Richtervereinigung e.V. (NRV), Germanys second largest association of member of the judiciary, where I was part of the team of spokespersons on the federal board. I am currently focussing on aspects of digital and society topics in various working groups of the NRV. I was a member of the german GREENS for some time, but am now a member of the LEFT party.

I also manage the tech blog and run (together with a friend) the Mastodon instance Legal.Social.

I appreciate every kind hello. Ways to reach me are listed in the contact section.

Sincerely yours,
Malte Engeler